What is Megazone?


Plunged into the semi-darkness of the playing arena you sense movement. Lights flash, smoke swirls. The music pounds. Suddenly a shadow comes to life. A bright green laser beam cuts through the darkness and barely misses you. Your heart pounds as you race for cover with your laser gun and you return fire, deactivating the enemy sniper. It’s as if you’ve entered a different dimension, where enemies lurk in the dark recesses equipped with state of the art laser hardware. You must depend on your reflexes to survive.

Your adventure at Megazone in Derby starts in the briefing room, where you will be given a short talk on how to play the game and how to use your equipment correctly. You will be briefed on our strict playing rules and conditions too. At this point your game marshall will organise your teams and you choose your battle colours. From here you will enter the airlock, where you will put on your packs and discuss your final tactics with your team mates. Once prepared, you will enter the playing arena.

Megazone Laser Game is a versatile playing system. There are an untold number of game parameters including various team and solo game format combinations. If you’re a regular player, you might like to experience games such as

  • Base Flags
  • Infection
  • Random Madness
  • Vampires
  • Zone Domination
  • Elimination
  • Progressive Elimination

These games are played regularly at one of our scenario multiplay events. For more details see the events page.

When the eerie horn sounds that your mission has ended, you return to the Airlock and discover your fate on the game scoreboard. Team scores are listed by rank, and for the more competitive amongst you, individual scores and ranks are also given. Make your way downstairs and collect your detailed game scoresheet, it’s at this point you discover your real friends and foes!

We use Nexus Generation FEC packs. As well as featuring super bright green lasers and being much more light weight than a lot of other laser tag game equipment, there are EIGHT team colours to choose from – Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Cyan and Orange! All packs change colour so between 2 and 8 teams can be used in a game.

To see for yourself, why not come down for a game or call in for a free look round.