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There are many Covid-19 guidelines out there and knowing which ones apply to a particular activity can be confusing. We've worked hard to produce a Covid-19 safety protocol for lasertag and would ask all visitors to read it before they come to the Centre. If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Before your visit

  • Visit our website and make a booking.

    We request that all customers book their sessions ahead of their visit via our online booking system, OR by calling the Centre on 01332 204004. We have simplified our packages and options in light of the pandemic and you will find a range of options that we hope will suit everyone.

  • Pay for your booking via our website, or using card in the Centre.

    To adhere to Covid-19 good practice policy, we will no longer accept cash in the Centre. All payments MUST be paid in advance via our website please. Customers purchasing goods from our bar will be required to do so using card only.

  • We're adhering to the Rule of Six

    To aid social distancing and observing the Rule of Six/two households guideline, all games will be limited to six players OR two households until further notice. Separate bookings of six people are permitted, but they must run concurrently and arrive and depart individually.

  • Come battle ready. Changing facilities are extremely limited.

    We're asking our customers to come 'battle-ready'. Arrive changed and ready to play. Our toilet facilities will be open and enhanced cleaning will be in place. Lockers are out of action right now, so please leave valuables at home or in the car. If you can leave coats and bags in your vehicle, please do so.

  • Self diagnose any Covid-19 symptoms BEFORE you set-off.

    You MUST self diagnose any Covid-19 symptoms before you come to play. If you have any of the recognised signs of the virus, please stay away. Take a battle-ready check before EVERY visit.

  • Come in your own vehicle, ride your bike or walk to your venue.

    We recommend that you travel to the Centre in your own vehicle, ride your own bike, or walk if you can please.

  • Face coverings/masks required for anyone 11+ years

    To comply with Covid-19 regulations for indoor spaces, we must ask that all customers wear face coverings/masks when inside the building including when playing lasertag.

When at Megazone

  • Arrive 10 minutes in ADVANCE of your booking.

    Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes in advance of your booking. If you have travelled by car/bike, STAY in your car/with your bike until 5 minutes before your game time please. Respect social distancing and be aware of the guidelines in place at Willows Sports Centre.

  • One Way System in Operation

    Megazone will be operating a one-way system in and out of the Centre and also within it as well. Please follow arrows and respect our attempts to control the flow of customers inside the building. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING THROUGH THE EXIT DOORS AND VICE VERSA, DO NOT EXIT VIA THE ENTRANCE.

  • Apply hand sanitiser when you enter/leave the Centre.

    We provide hand sanitiser throughout the Centre. This will be located in or around the lasertag entrance and at both entrance and exit doors.

  • Stay 2M from our staff at ALL times.

    Please respect our staff and social distancing at ALL times.

  • Sanitisation of lasertag equipment.

    We will be operating an enhanced cleaning schedule which will now include sanitisation of all lasertag equipment after and between use. Vests will be used on rotation with ample time in between use for a full sanitisation process to be carried out.

  • First aid provision.

    Our staff may administer first aid where it is a case of 'life or limb'. They will have a portable first aid kit with them which will be taken to the injured person. Please note that we have a defibrillator on site. Players should self administer first aid where they can and avoid contact with our members of staff for everyone's well being.

  • Parents and Carers who wish to wait for their children .

    Sadly, in the interests of social distancing, we're extremely limited when allowing non-playing customers into the building. Parents/Carers who wish to wait for their children will be required to wait in their cars where possible, or wait whilst seated at a table in the lounge area if available. Tables can be pre-booked for up to four adults when booking on the assumption that they purchase drinks and/or food whilst they wait. If parents choose to wait in their cars, we would welcome them coming in to the building to check the children in and then returning to collect them at the finish time.

  • In-game modifications and playing arena flow.

    We will be modifying our lasertag game rules to be more socially distant and introducing a one-way system to parts of the playing arena, particularly the ramps which connect levels.

Time to go home! ☹️

  • After you have finished playing, please leave promptly

    We want to ensure that the Centre is kept clean for all users. To allow us to do so, and to keep within our maximum occupancy at any one time, we politely ask that players leave the Centre as soon as is conveniently suitable after your session has finished.

  • Apply hand sanitiser when you leave the Centre.

    We will provide hand sanitiser at the Centre for all customers. This will be located in or around the Centre and by the entrance/exit doors.

  • Remain socially distant from one another around the Centre exit.

    If you choose to remain outside the Centre, or in the car park to chat with friends, please do so in a socially distant and safe manner.

  • Can we improve something? Let us know!

    Report any issues you have, or suggestions on how we could improve our protocol via email to or by calling 01332 204004. You can even DM us on socials if you prefer.

This list is not exhaustive and is intended to prepare all of our customers as much as we can for what they can expect when visiting Megazone Lasertag in Derby.  We’re all in this together and we want you to enjoy your recreational activities in the best way you can!

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